Do you know that every third couple meets online? Yes, it’s true. This is possible to and then see what comes of it. Before you can start meeting people for romance, though, you need to make sure you have a dating profile that is going to attract people. Whether you already have an underperforming dating profile or you’re about to launch a new one, consider these tips when you are re-evaluating the situation.

Choose your best photos


The first lifehack that you need for your dating profile is to choose your best photos. While this tip might sound like a no-brainer, the fact is that many people do not use the best photos for their dating profile. They think that the hottest profile picture will be the one to get the most views. However, here are some things to consider.

  • Include many different pictures of you in different settings
  • Stop using the filters: they will make you out to be a liar when you show up to a date looking completely different
  • Take pictures good lighting
  • Include pictures of yourself and pictures with friends. This shows that people like you and can give a unique perspective on your face and body
  • Don’t just include pictures of your face; people want to see the entirety of the person they’re dating

These are just a few of the considerations that you should make when you’re putting up photos for your dating profile. They need to be clear, unfiltered, and show you from many perspectives. If you try to portray yourself as someone that you’re not, your dates will lose interest.

Include Details about Your Passions and Interests


People are not looking for just a pretty face on dating profiles. They want to know whether someone is going to be a good match for them. In order to fill them in on the situation, you should talk about your passions and interests a fair amount. A lot of people go with a barebones biography portion of their dating site, but that is not the way to do things. You should focus on including a lot of information about yourself that sets you apart from other people. That means you need to tell people more than “I like hiking and dogs.” That doesn’t describe you; that describes half of the world. So, you have to think about what really sets you apart from other people that your potential dates could meet. What are you studying in college? What’s your dream job? What are some of your goals? These are things that you can carefully introduce to your dating profile and increase your chances of success.

Connecting Your Social Media


While it might seem counterintuitive and invasive, it’s a good idea to connect your social media account to your dating profile. Now, let’s be clear that you should lock down your social media profile before doing this. That means ensuring that only your friends and family can see what you post on your social media profile. You’re not trying to tell people too much about you. However, the fact remains that linking your social media profile can give your dating profile a lot of legitimacy that you’ll want your dates to see. They’ll understand that you’re a real person and not some anonymous person on the internet that might not have their best interests in mind. Giving your partners some insight into your life can make them more willing to meet up with you, too.

Keep Your Profile Unique, Short, and Sweet


When people are making their dating profile, they have a habit of saying too much. On average, people spend less than a minute looking at someone’s profile before deciding whether or not they’re interested. So, you have less than a minute of someone’s attention to convince them that you’re someone they should consider sending messages to. You must keep things short and concise. Using bullet points to get the important points across is a good practice. You should be able to scan your profile and see your name, location, age, and other information in less than thirty seconds. If not, then it’s time to go back to the editing stage until you can cram all that information into that small space. Imagine it going something like this:

Kasey, 22

Greenwich, Idaho, USA

  • Nursing student
  • Enjoys video games, wine tours, and learning new languages
  • Looking for: serious relationships
  • Likes: men 18-30 in good shape with a sense of humor
  • Dislikes: smoking

You see how simple and digestible that information is? This is the sort of profile information you should include because it’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Some romance in creating a profile will not be excess


When you’re making an online dating profile, you need to give people an idea of what you’re like as a romantic partner. What are you looking for? Most people are looking for dates that can grow into a relationship, while others are ready to settle down. So, tell people about your idea of romance in your profile. Let them know if you’re someone that is all roses and candles or if you’re more interested in sharing a video game session with your partner.

Updating your dating profile can help you get more potential dates. People want to see that you are a real person, that your face and body match what you put on the site, and they want to know they can trust you. Including such elements in your profile will lead to more people viewing your profile and taking an interest in you!