Almost everyone who’s a child or an adolescent enjoys playing video games. Video games are primarily meant to entertain. You may probably relate to this as you reminisce about your childhood. There’s a wide variety of games available, whether you prefer puzzles or video games that involve a physical aspect, such as dancing around the room. Most video games are suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. But, the most important thing is choosing a free game from adult themes, visceral violence, and vulgar language. These criteria have also been the concern of most parents nowadays.
The popularity of video games continues to rise as more people invest time and money in them. Gaming has become increasingly prevalent online, giving way to new opportunities for making money. If you’re a video game enthusiast and love to play video games online, you can now turn your hobby into a full-time job. Video games may seem like a waste of time to some, but you can use them to earn money.
That being said, you can earn money by playing video games in the following ways:

Compete In Video Game Tournaments

According to Drop-In Gaming, you can demonstrate your gaming skills and abilities by participating in tournaments. At the same time, you win cash prizes playing video games, and what’s great is that you can select the specific game in which you’re good. You can also earn some extra money, and obtain partnership and sponsorship opportunities through global brands. Video game tournaments may seem easy at first, but they require discipline and skills. Stay ahead of your competitors by learning your game inside and out.

Test Games

You can sign up as a game tester. Some video game companies need game testers from time to time. To release a video game, developers hire game testers to check for bugs, fix glitches, and make sure the game reaches the level of quality expected by the developers.
Any video game must undergo extensive testing before it can be released. It would take you several attempts to discover the system’s weaknesses, being persistent and disciplined in choosing all the options, and testing it from all angles. Other essential tasks include reporting errors and suggesting improvements for the video game. You’ll be collaborating with a team of artists, designers, and programmers.
Being a game tester means you have the opportunity to play a game before its official release. Also, you’ll need to diagnose specific problems in the game, so attention to detail is crucial.

Online Video Game Streaming


There are many tips for starting a YouTube gaming channel. You can use them if you want to be a live gaming streamer. Video game streaming is a way to share your gaming experience online and even land an endorsement deal
Playing games in front of an audience is fun, and the appeal of a crowd watching you is enough to involve many people. Video gamers need a competitive edge that makes them stand out from the competition. Your chances of standing out aren’t very high if you do just your typical gaming stream, so do things that will fully market yourself online. The amount of money you make from video streaming depends on the number of viewers and subscriptions.

Video Game Reviewer


Write reviews on video games and create a video game blog to earn money. Adding blog posts and videos to your catalog is the first step. Video game companies often use blogs to promote their games and save money on banner ads. Besides giving critical reviews to game lovers, you can also offer your own opinion about a particular video game. When you’re writing video game reviews, one habit that you should develop is taking notes while you play. If you keep notes during and after gameplay, you’ll easily remember your likes and dislikes, as well as certain advantages you’ve experienced in the video game.
As soon as your review is complete, you can choose some images to include in your blog. As you play video games, you can also pick up new skills, and you can share your knowledge with others through your blogs. Feature deals and product reviews will increase the amount you earn per article. If you enjoyed the video game, you should write some positive feedback about it. Your blog could generate revenue through online advertisements once it starts attracting enough audience.

Video Game Coach


Coaching video games can get you paid. You may start your own video game coaching service even if you’re not a professional video game player. Additionally, you can coach beginners using strategies you’ve learned from playing video games. You can train those seeking to advance in video gaming, and you can charge an hourly fee. Also, a video game company may offer you commercial deals and sponsorships.


Video games have a large market and are continuously evolving. They have many effects in modern society. Having the dream of earning a living by playing video games isn’t easy, but it can be achieved. The video game industry opens up many creative avenues. It’s also essential to set realistic expectations, even if this may seem like a difficult dream to chase. Effort, skills, and connecting with your audience increase your chances of growing your online platform. There are endless learning opportunities in gaming throughout your career, and no dull moment can be guaranteed.