Lighting a modern house can be an extremely difficult challenge. However, it can offer you excellent satisfaction and help you to optimally improve the perception of your home.

Today, almost every house is designed with a modern touch. To catch up with the trend, people are choosing contemporary designs of houses. Because of this, you have to install the ideal lighting systems to achieve the best design.

There are various lighting system designs available in the market that are ideal for achieving modern styles of houses.

You can pick from a range of designs available that will complement the personalized look you’re trying to achieve.

The power of good lighting can make or break the look of your modern home. You can have the best décor pieces out there. Unfortunately, it can go to waste if the lighting doesn’t complement it properly.

Different Layers of Lighting Fixture

For those who don’t know, there are 3 different layers of lights that you can utilize. These are tasks, accents, and ambient.

The primary purpose is to illuminate and light the room properly. You can improve modern homes through proper layering. It will improve the quality of light inside your house.

The first type of lighting layer is accent lighting. Accent lighting helps in highlighting the style and design of your modern house. This is ideal if you want to improve the style of your living room.

For instance, your living room has a baroque style. Offering accent lighting will make all eyes look at it. One of the most popular types of accent lighting is a 2835 led strip that can be found at

The second type of lighting layer is task lighting. This type of lighting will offer strong illumination for your detailed work, such as office tasks.

Task lighting is ideal if you’re living a busy business life. This is particularly helpful if you always have to sit and work at your table at home.

Furthermore, you can utilize task lighting for kitchen and dressing rooms since they offer bright light.

The last type of lighting layer is ambient lighting. Professionals recommend installing this type of light for all rooms in your house. Since it offers the right level of brightness, it makes your home cozy.

You can also consider ambient light as overhead lighting.

Utilize Ambient Lights Rather Than Central Lights


Rather than going for the regular central lighting, you should opt for small ambient lights. They offer softness, warmth, and sharper personality to a room.

Furthermore, ambient lights are more effective in reaching out to the dark corners of a room.

Think about recessed lights, candles, table lamps, or floor lamps. They provide drama. Aside from that, they’re visually appealing. Furthermore, they can help draw attention to décor pieces such as photos, sculptures, wall art, and plants.

To help accent objects, try to install lighting from the back. Indirectly throwing light on decorative pieces adds additional glamour.

You can bring out drama if you install light from below on translucent or transparent items. Invest in a picture or recessed lights if you’ve got art to display on the walls.

When purchasing lighting systems for your home, consider buying them from an online store that uses amazon freight forwarding.

Know the Glow

You shouldn’t just consider the type of lighting system for your modern home. You should also think about the type of lightbulb it uses.

LED bulbs, compact fluorescent, and halogen lights come in a variety of cool or warm hues. Just like the color of your walls, the type of glow you want will greatly depend on your personal preference.

You may want to warm up your walls with a light that casts a warm glow if they are covered in cooler tones. On the other hand, you might want a cooler glow if you want to brighten up dark corners.

Think About the Height of Your Ceiling


Understanding the height of your ceiling is vital when choosing hanging light fixtures. A couple of lighting systems come with adjustable rods or cables. However, some do not have these features.

You should not get stuck with a light that hangs too high or too low. As a general rule, the bottom of light should hang around 12”-20” below a regular 8-foot ceiling. You can add 3” for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Bring In Natural Light

One of the best things you can do for your modern home is to fill it up with natural light. There is no other lighting system that can replace natural light.

Whether it is in winter or summer, the light coming from the sun can benefit your house in a lot of ways. This is particularly true when it comes to preventing mold and odors.

Natural light can also provide positive energy into a space.

Another method you can use is to install mirrors in strategic areas. Also, try to eliminate dark or heavy curtains and replace them with light colors and light-weight fabrics.

Get a Lighting Control Mobile Application


Let us say you’re watching TV inside your bedroom and left the kitchen lights on. Maybe you’re going on a trip and you do not want your home to appear vacant. Perhaps you want to turn on the lights before you arrive at home while you bring hand sanitizers for your family.

Since you’re living in a modern home, chances are you also have smart-home features. If so, you can utilize smartphone apps to control the lighting of your house anywhere you want.


Selecting the right lighting systems for your modern home is easy if you know what you’re doing. You can work on the tips above to improve your house and to brighten up your space.

If you incorporate all of these basic elements, you’ll end up with the ideal lighting system for your modern house.