The game doesn’t stop updating, which is regularly and happily reported by the developers. For those who stayed in old locations too long and are waiting for new products to be released, there is version 9.1.5. The Legion dungeon has been improved. New modes allow time travel. When characters complete the assigned tasks, they get new rewards. This is not only new equipment but also useful things for transmogrification.

Many players may think that only cosmetics and new armor will appear in the uniform. But this is not true. Travelers will be able to earn Reputation Tokens to be used in the Broken Isles faction.

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It lists the most modern equipment and valuable tips that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game world and defeat your opponents in a matter of minutes.

What is time traveling?


Characters who have reached level 50 can go on a such journey. They are offered several modes in the dungeons of the Broken Isles:

  • Eye of Azshara;
  • Black Rook Fortress;
  • Darkheart Thicket;
  • Casemates of the Guards;
  • Quarter of Stars;
  • Neltharion’s Lair.

As in other add-ons, characters will have to use the group finder system for a particular mode. When the player descends into a new dungeon, his level will turn to 50. Thanks to this, you can use equipment that is gradually going out of fashion and other unusual items that allow you to fight enemies.

After another boss is defeated, the character receives a “Time-warped badge”. In some cases, some items of uniform that are suitable for the gamer’s level are transferred to them. If your study of any dungeon is completed, you get additional points (up to 40 points). A character who has completed adventures in Black Rook Fortress gets 35 points, if it is the Eye of Azshara, 40 points will be awarded, and so on.

When the first dungeon is completed, the player is given “Whispering Felflame Crystal” for a week. Thanks to it, you can proceed to the next quest called “Whispering Felflame Crystal”, after which there is a chance to receive up to 500 “Time-Warped Signs”.

If the character has already reached level 60, a new task called “The Corrupted Path Through Time” will become available. Conditions of its completion is to cope with five dungeons, due to which the “Cache of Treasures of the Sanctuary” will be credited. In addition, an item of equipment, which is available in the classic “Sanctuary of Dominance” mode.

When the time comes to embark on a journey in Legion, each player can start with Mythic Dungeons or try their hand at the returned tower where the mages are hiding.



Travellers know that in order to get special items they need to find a merchant. In Legion, his name is Aridormi. He most often waits for travellers at Kras’s site. It is located where the Broken Isles Flight Master is most commonly found in Dalaran. To buy important items from the merchant, you will need to pay in “time-warped tokens”. With them you can buy:

  • goods for fast moving;
  • personal pet;
  • outfit;
  • increase the protection of armor;
  • tokens, and more.

You can also get prizes after the character defeats another boss. The reward will be scaled up to level 365 (in the case of a dungeon), and up to level 385 (in the raid), if the player’s own level is 120. You can use a filter that allows you to travel with time-warped items and choose the appropriate outfit.

The filtering mode will indicate how many coins you will have to spend to purchase the next reward. If you go on a journey, you get an incredible opportunity to take advantage of unique items. They are most often found in heroic versions. It is worth noting the “primordial void,” “ice ball,” “thunderous mountains,” “reins of the blue proto-dragon”. Here you can find unusual tunes, recipes or humble pets that will make your game much easier and more interesting.

Interesting tasks


In addition to buying rewards from the merchant, characters are offered various tasks for which they can get unique items. One of them is “The Burning Path Through Time” or its analogues. Such tasks are given by the Chronicler Toop, who resides in Boralus. Another Chronicler is Shup, who can be found in Dazar’Alor.

You will need to complete 5 dungeons without leaving the time traveler mode. You will get 750 tokens and equipment suitable for the Dazar’Alor raid. It is not necessary to set the most difficult mode, as the normal level is enough to get everything you need.

If you want to try other challenges, consider Interference Detected: Black Temple. In this case, you will be credited with more Azerite and temporary tokens, which can be easily exchanged for more valuable and useful things for the further game.

During the fight with the boss, there is a chance to get the “reins of the time-flayer from the Infinity clan.” These are not all the benefits available to players. Everyone has a unique opportunity to receive tokens that allow them to increase their reputation in the “Broken Isle” faction. Its action is ideal. Thanks to this, characters can receive chests and unusual rewards hidden inside them. The cost of the token is about 50 characters, and the reputation after purchase will increase by 250 points.

Strive to get as many rewards as possible in order to fully immerse yourself in an interesting game and defeat more fearsome opponents. Your level will rise along with your skills.