Online platforms are having a huge effect on the gambling industry, in a positive way, where we can see a lot of people, especially younger generations, that became interested in playing all kind of casino games. Online casinos are much more popular than traditional land-based ones. There are many reasons why people would rather choose to gamble online. For example, you don’t have to travel a long distance to visit some big resorts like in Las Vegas, because you have the convenience of playing any game from the comfort of your home. Moreover, players find online casinos more attractive because most of them are offering amazing bonuses to newbies. When you register for the first time and place your deposit, the casino will reward you with free funds that can be even more than three times higher than your deposit. There are also free spins, loyalty bonuses, a wider selection of games, and more. Many of these casinos went a step further by helping people who are struggling with the addiction of gambling.

There is an option to ask a website to ban your account and never let you register again. This option is very helpful because betting can be quite addictive, and many people were suffering from this problem. However, if you ever choose to select this option, be aware that you won’t be able to gamble at that platform ever again. On the other side, there are online casinos without this option, like Furthermore, besides slot machines and many other games, online tournaments became very popular as well. Most of these tournaments are related to Texas Hold’Em Poker, which represents the most popular competitive game in casinos. With the rise in popularity today, we have amazing prize pools that can be compared to some great standard poker tournaments. Here are some of the biggest online casino tournaments in the world.

1. Sunday Majors For US Players


Sunday Majors represent several great tournaments across the United States like Bovada, Chico Network, and Winning Poker Network. Bovada is one of the largest US tournaments. Also, the great advantage of playing here is that your privacy is guaranteed, and you will only get a number in the form of an ID. Also, there is a guarantee. For example, there is a $5,000 guarantee at the table where the buy-in is around $20,000. The overall amount of payback is $2 million per week. Moreover, during a Sunday Major event with a buy-in of $162, you are in a chance to win $100,000.

Another version of Sunday Majors is a Chico Network, which is the second-biggest online poker platform in the United States. However, the prize pool is significantly lower when we compare it to Bovada, but $250,000 is still a great amount that attracts many players. The third popular platform is the Winning Poker Network. There are near 5 million dollars of prize pool every month, with $1 million at the Venom event. Also, there are some tournaments where you can buy-in with only a dollar, which is great for amateurs and people who love to play just for fun.

2.  Party Poker Quarterly Million


This online tournament is also very popular, especially because there is a minimum prize pool of $1 million every season, and $250,000 every Sunday. Like many online casinos, you can also get a welcome bonus when you register for the first time. However, the maximum for this bonus is $500. On the other hand, that is one of the main reasons why so many beginners are attracted to this tournament.

3. 888 Poker


While there are many advantages of choosing this tournament, many professional players are avoiding 888 Poker Club because many amateurs are playing here. However, watching them can be interesting since playing without any consistent strategy can make the game more intense. When it comes to minimum prize pools, there is a Whale event, with $250,000 in guarantees. The main advantage of choosing 888 is if you are playing for fun since there are many bonuses and promotions you can use.

4. Full Tilt Poker


Choosing to play a tournament is much more interesting than playing a standard Poker game, especially if you have a good strategy to hold longer during the game. You can win a great amount of money even if you finish in second place. When it comes to Full Tilt Poker, you have a chance to win a quarter-million dollars with only $215 for a buy-in. There are also other tournaments on this platform, like Sunday Major, Sunday Special, Red Kings, and more, with guarantees between $75,000 and $150,000.  Moreover, you can choose some tables with much bigger prizes, but you will need to spend at least $1000 for a buy-in to some of those tables.

5. Poker Stars


Poker Stars represent the most popular online platform for playing Texas Hold’Em. Besides the standard model, there are all kinds of tournaments with a variety of buy-ins and prize pools. The most attractive tournament on Poker Stars is the one with the 215 dollars’ entry fee, and a chance to win over $150,000, and the prize pool of over $1 million. Also, many people see this option is beneficial when compared to similar platforms because there are thousands of people who are not experienced in playing poker on a higher level. The most popular types of competitions on this website are Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday 500, and Sunday Storm. Sunday Storm is especially popular because the entry fee is only 11 dollars, and you are in the chance to win a good part of $300,000 of the guaranteed prize pool.

The Bottom Line

Like every other part of online gambling, online tournaments are also getting more popular. One of the main reasons why people would rather choose to play a tournament online is linked to concentration since many people would get nervous when there are other players around them. Also, there is less chance that someone could disturb and make you get some bad decisions.