If you are looking for a unique and fun business to get into, you should try military miniatures. This industry originated in the early 18th century, in European countries such as France, Germany, and Great Britain.

The very first military miniatures were modeled after the soldiers who fought in Napoleon’s peninsular wars. The very first military miniatures were made of tin, and were hand-crafted. Nowadays though, there are plastic and resin options as well.

Although military miniatures are a bit niche, they are still quite popular. So if you are looking for a new business to get into, you should try setting up a military miniature company. Here are 6 effective tips for setting up a military miniature company.

1. Do Research on Your Competition


If there is one thing you should know about the military miniature business, it is that there are already established companies out there. Although they don’t really have a monopoly on the industry, they are still well known. So before you do anything, it is imperative that you do research first.

List down their main products, and their business model as well. Take note of their products, and find out what makes them so unique and popular. This does not mean that you copy every aspect of their business model. Just remember that you will be competing with them, so it is imperative that you know your opponent before stepping into the arena.

2. Choose a Niche Market

Aside from knowing your competition, it is also important you choose a niche. Remember that there are a variety of miniature types out there. While there are the standard toy soldiers, there are also other facets such as vehicles, buildings, and landscapes.

Aside from the models, you should also choose the theme for your miniatures. While the most common themes being used are based on real-life wars such as the Napoleonic or Second World War, you could also opt to make your own designs and concepts. This is the true beauty of the military miniature business. You get to use your imagination and have fun in the process as well.

3. Purchase Good Quality Master Molds for Your Miniatures


When it comes to running a successful miniatures business, the biggest factor will always be your product. You might have the best marketing in the world, however, if your miniatures are lacking in any way, then you might run the risk of annoying your potential clients. Which is a very big risk for a business that just started out. So it is imperative that you purchase good quality molds for your miniatures.

Master molds are made of metal and are usually very specialized, so you will have to approach specialist craftsmen to make them. However, once you contact them, they will usually be more than happy to fulfill your requests.

Just make sure that you have your miniature designs at the ready. They could be a bit pricey however, you should remember that once you have the master molds, you will be able to mass-produce them at your leisure. So the costs will be pretty much worth it.

4. Mechanize Your Production Process

Once you have your master molds, then it is time to start production. However, before you get started, it imperative that you set up your production lines in the most efficient and effective way possible. One great option is to mechanize your production process. By doing so, will be able to cut out the need for an army of workers to assemble your miniatures.

Aside from minimizing the workforce needed, it will also cut out the need to create a huge factory. When you mechanize your production lines, it is a good idea to use equipment like pick and place robots from They have extremely nimble appendages, that allow great speed of movement and accuracy.

They are also very economical in space and can be fitted in a smaller facility. They are not human workers, so they don’t need to take a rest. Instead, all they need is a regular tune-up, and they could work for hours on end.

5. Keep your Operations Small


Before you even think of building a huge factory for your operations, remember that you are just starting out, so you should limit your operations to a small scale. You don’t need a vast factory for your production lines. You also won’t need thousands of workers to assemble and pack your products. When it comes to running small operations like this, quality is always better than quantity. So you should limit yourself to just a core group of workers.

So if you are going to hire employees, it is important that you are as discerning as possible. Once you hire your workers, you should train them and inform them of what is expected of them. By keeping your operations as small as possible, you’ll be able to minimize the upkeep for your company.

6. Take Your Marketing Very Seriously

When it comes to marketing, you should remember that you are just starting out. So you should take your marketing as seriously as possible. It is important that you make a website for your company.

By having a company website, you will have a platform that you could market your products through. Aside from a company website, it is also important that you market your products through powerful media forms such as social media. By doing so, you will be able to expand your reach and compete with other military miniature companies.


The military miniature business has been around for hundreds of years, and it is a viable and fun business to get into. Before you start on your military miniature company though, you should know what you are doing. With these tips, you could set up your military miniature company with little to no fuss.