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The holiday season can be especially stressful for the whole family financially. Even if you have a lot of money, it is even more important to balance everything you get and what you can give – and try to create beautiful memories. When buying Christmas gifts, the question always arises – how much should we spend? What is the normal amount of consumption? What if someone spends more money on a gift for you – than you spent on that someone? With these questions in mind, we will offer you 7 ways to buy you and save money this Christmas.

Christmas Euphoria

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Can’t wait for the Christmas and New Year holidays? Or do you panic at the thought of approaching? Millions of people wonder, “Who will I give presents to? What to buy? Will I have enough money? How long will I pay back the debts? ’Despite such questions, Christmas and New Year are still very popular. But can we do our Christmas shopping a little smarter? Can we at least try to save some money compared to previous years? We can! All that matters is a good organization and a cleverly made list of things to buy.

How To Shop Smart And Save Money This Christmas?

We would all like to satisfy the wishes of our loved ones when it comes to Christmas gifts. On the other hand, we are not always able to do that. Sometimes we run out of money – and sometimes, buying gifts just turns into a compulsive shopping tour. How to avoid that? Here are some tips on how to shop smart and save some money.

1. Before You Go Shopping – Make a List

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Christmas discounts are one big lure for customers. At least once you came back from shopping at discounts with completely unnecessary things. To avoid impulsive buying and wasting money on something you won’t use at all make a list. Have all the things you need and the pieces you might want to buy on it. Make a balance between these two categories and stick to what’s written – so that shopping doesn’t take you in the completely wrong direction. Shop smart and choose what you and your loved ones will like.

2. Shop online

Instead of wandering the malls with your Christmas list in hand, make your life easier and buy your gifts online. Aside from the fact that you don’t even have to leave your home, deal with the crowds, or fight for a parking space, the best thing about shopping online is that it’s almost always cheaper than shopping at the store. Buying online allows you to have all the prices at your fingertips, so you can always find out who is selling the item at the lowest price.

3. Look for the big sales and coupons

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Every retailer – physical or digital – tries to attract the attention of consumers, which means that there is a lot of competition. That’s great news for customers. According to, you can find coupons with different discounts – that you should take advantage of. Many online stores ask you to sign up for the newsletter and get a 10% discount on your first purchase – or they can offer customers free shipping. Many physical retailers these days even had a pre-Christmas sale. Pay attention to member discounts, newsletter subscriber discounts, 2-for-1 promotional offers, purchase bonus offers, one-day sales – and special evening events.

4. Check delivery costs and delivery time before shopping

One important thing to keep in mind when shopping online – is that the lowest price may not end up being the cheapest. For example, the item with the lowest price – may end up costing you more after you add the shipping costs. Therefore, an item may be cheaper in a store or it may be purchased cheaper than a competitor that has a higher retail price – but offers free shipping. Also, before ordering online, make sure your items are in stock – and can be delivered before Christmas or New Year’s Day. If you are well organized and place your order well in advance, you may be able to choose a slower delivery method than the next-day-delivery option – which is cheaper and saves you on shipping costs.

5. Don’t spend excessively on gifts for children

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We know you want to afford everything for your kids. However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to buying gifts for kids – younger kids don’t care about the brands or the amount of money you spend. It is also important to remember that Christmas is not a competition. Spend only as much as you can. Kids love to receive gifts – but often the simplest and cheapest gift is the one they enjoy the most. So get rid of the pressure of overspending or buying branded items – kids don’t know the difference and are happy with the things that entertain them.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s hard not to try to catch up with other families. But you may get lost in that sea of demands. Don’t let others impose guilt on you because you’re not buying enough or for everyone. Do what you can, and do it with your heart.

7. Tip plus – Buy gifts earlier

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If you haven’t arrived that year, you can buy gifts all year round next year – especially if you find something on sale. You can also set aside a small amount each month – so that when December arrives, you don’t go bankrupt from empty desires.


We all already know that December is one of the most beautiful months – because it is a month of giving, togetherness, family gatherings, love, and many beautiful memories. During the holidays we spend most of our time in the company of family members, friends, and relatives – and each of us found ourselves in a situation of being gifted or giving presents to others. These days, everyone is rushing somewhere. From various storefronts and on our TV screens – we are daily bombarded with various Christmas ads and discounts on offer. But let’s stop for a moment. The very meaning of giving, has a different, much more important purpose. It’s not about the price of the gift – but the smile that will deceive someone, and that has no price!