Only a few years ago people were not interested in TV series. They preferred watching movies. Yet, today everything has changed, and many people are waiting for the next episode of their favorite show. Big fans don’t simply binge-watching these series but also play slots based on them on Moreover, they are waiting for these 6 new releases of 2024.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, HBO Max


Perhaps this spring, there will be a truly epochal event for all movie buffs, regardless of their relationship to DC or the original Justice League film, the release of which in 2017 came with great drama. It’s unique when, three years after the original film’s release, a fired director is approached by a new studio boss and asked to finish what he started, promising creative freedom.

Zack Snyder returns to his project, promising the original, unaltered vision of an epic battle between iconic heroes and alien villains with a few small but very intriguing additions. Through the storm of speculation, conjecture, theories, and speculation, fans are already hearing about Snyder’s version with the Joker played by Jared Leto, Darkseid deleted from the theatrical version and a black Superman suit. The creators hint that these aren’t all the surprises. Even if Ryan Reynolds turns out to be too busy to make a Green Lantern cameo, there’s reason to expect at least a Martian Manhunter appearance.

Shadow and Bone, Netflix


An adaptation of fantasy by Lee Bardugo. This trilogy is called Grishaverse, inspired by the culture and traditions of the Russian Empire. The geography of this world is reminiscent of western Europe. There is a fight among a royal family, an order of powerful wizards called Grisha, and two orphans accidentally caught in the middle of intrigue. These teens hide powers that could shake the status quo around the world.

The showrunner for the series is Eric Heisserer. He was nominated for an Oscar for the script of Arrival and also worked on many other well-known projects. The series came to Netflix thanks to their fruitful collaboration with producer Shawn Levy. Whether viewers should expect similar quality from the film adaptation of not just a trilogy but a series of world bestsellers, which managed to be compared even to the Lord of the Rings, they will find out soon.

Superman and Lois, The CW


Superman and Lois is coming to The CW. This new TV series will replace the Supergirl project, whose 6th season will be the final one. Once again, the famous couple that came from the pages of the comic books will come to life on screen.

Everyone has seen the couple from 1978’s Superman, Lois & Clark and the Smallville series, 2006’s Superman and Man of Steel. Each one had their own take on the characters. The upcoming series will be a fresh take on the Kryptonian-human relationship! The action will take place after the famous Crisis. After all, everyone is now on Earth Prime. Not long ago, the couple became parents. How to save the world and conduct investigations, if you have to change diapers at home and raise a child who also has human and Kryptonian DNA?

Surely, viewers will see unusual and funny moments in the life of these parents. After all, to coax the kid who has the power, is not easy. Also, there will be new enemies terrorizing the city, and various kinds of threats will arise.

The Lord of the Rings, Amazon


In 2024, viewers will be treated to the highly anticipated fantasy The Lord of the Rings, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The setting is the Second Age of Middle-earth, long before the events of the famous trilogy. Those were epic times. The viewers will meet the elven queen Galadriel. Maybe even a young Aragorn will be shown.

Plot details are being kept top secret. Access to the secret room can only be by fingerprints. Filming is taking place in New Zealand. Talents with unusual appearances were invited for casting. Characters have long and skinny limbs, gigantic eyes, facial burns, scars and non-standard noses.

WandaVision, Disney+


In 2024, Marvel Studios left its loyal fans without major releases for the first time in 11 years. But as early as mid-January 2024, Kevin Feige will begin to fill the gap. The first series will be WandaVision. It will premiere on Disney+ on January 15.

It’s that rare case where you don’t even know roughly what to expect. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda Maximoff, and the android Vision, sort of destroyed by Thanos back in Infinity War, live in Westview. At first, it seems like the life of the newlyweds is perfect, but gradually it turns out that it isn’t. The synopsis is already confusing, and the first trailer released on September 21, makes viewers concerned even more.

We Were Tomorrow, Syfy


Earth is on the brink of extinction after a meteorite collides with the moon, causing the sun to shine constantly. To save the planet, seven immortal Alchemists send a group of people to a parallel Earth and give them three lives to recreate the human race. Yet, the experiment proves unsuccessful, as the settlers split up and several newly formed countries unleash a great war between themselves. Then the Alchemists decide to go another way. They send another group of people to another version of Earth, where one year remains before the moon collides with a meteorite.

Little known to the public, Madeleine Kennedy produces this new series. She will also play the leading role in We Were Tomorrow.

All in all, these series will attract even those who are not big fans of long stories. Although most of them contain much fantasy, they will engage even viewers who like something more realistic. Moreover, these series are great for both watching alone or with your beloved friends and family. So, both kids and adults will enjoy these series thanks to exciting plots.