The American-Bahaman actor Sidney Poitier has also been involved with directing films, Author and is also a diplomat. He possesses a net worth of about $ 25 million. There were times in the entertainment industry when dark skinned color individuals could only make impacts in the industry and nothing more but Sidney Poitier proved different and showed that dark skinned color race are the missing link in the industry.

He made his first official debut in the year 1946 after trying on couple of occasions to be in the theater. It was under “Lysistrata” an all-black production that he made his debut. Almost half a decade later he made his appearance felt in a movie centered on the freedom of Bahamas under British colonial masters. Nevertheless he got on to multiple awards after as Dr. Luther Brooks.

His performance provided him with opportunity to take on more major roles in the movie industry. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the first ever dark skinned individual to merit the Academy Award for Best Actor was Sidney Poitier. The award came as a result of his performance in the movie “Lilies of the field” a movie in which he appeared as Homer Smith.

He has since then been continue to be on screen and also enhanced his abilities in directing movies as well. In recent times, he may not be as regular as his was during his peak days in the entertainment industry but he definitely has other roles to play in his home town as a brand ambassador representing his country in the UN (United Nation).

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Sidney is his native ambassador to japan dating back from the year 1997, and also in the year 2009 United States President Barrack Obama officially presented the Medal of Freedom to him.


sidney poitier net worth


  • American

Date of Birth

  • 20th February 1927

Place of Birth

  • Miami, Florida


  • 93


  • Actor


  • 189 cm


  • Joanna Shimkus

Net Worth

  • $25 million

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