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Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery – Good Doctor’s Work or Good Genes

Christina Ricci is one of the popular American actresses, now being rumored for plastic surgery.  Many fans know her from the popular movie The Addams Family. Her perfect plastic surgery appearance has caught a lot of attention in the media. Some sources and speculations believe that she had a breast implantation procedure. Let’s check out whether Christina Ricci had breast implants or any other plastic surgery procedure.

Most rumors about Christina Ricci consist of speculations of her having boob implants. If you pay attention and take a look at the photos of Christina Ricci before and after photos, you can see more changes than just in the breasts. Her facial characteristics have significantly changed, in the nose, cheeks, lips and eyebrows. Christina Ricci must have had full facelift from an expert plastic surgeon.

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Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery

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The breasts actually look smaller than before. It looks like she took breast reduction treatments for some reason, maybe because she had back pain or difficulty in managing them in everyday life. Having full, big, and tight breasts is the dream of any woman. For some reason, Christina decided to reduce the size of her breasts. Also, many celebrities deny about their breast implants to the media.

However, Christina has shared her plastic surgery experiences with the fans on Twitter and in many other interviews. Plastic surgery is very common in the present world. Even the fans are slowly gravitating towards it and trying to make changes in their face and body. Before and after photos of Christina Ricci, shows us that her body is improved significantly after the surgery. Her boobs fit to the glass shaped body that she had dreamt of having long back.

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Born on the 12th of February in 1980, Christina Ricci is one of the most successful and praised actresses in the Hollywood industry. Her role in mermaid and Adams what helped her gain popularity and as she grew up, she continued starring in many more movies. Some of those movies include Ice Storm and Buffalo 66. With so much hardwork and dedication, Christina Ricci ended up winning Emmy awards and other notable awards too.

Rumors of Christina Ricci plastic surgery escalated when some photos from her past and her present were compared due to some noticeable changes. We do not know if Christina Ricci was obsessed with beauty but one thing we know for sure is she definitely had plastic surgery escalate or improve her looks. Regardless of Christina Ricci plastic surgery allegations, one thing still stands and that is she has always looked great and beautiful.

From our reader’s perspective, we want you to give this whole Christina Ricci plastic surgery allegation some good thoughts like were all the differences spotted in her before and after photos good enough to suggest that she went for plastic surgery? All of the changes spotted in the pictures points in the direction of the actress having a plastic surgery and the only reason would be just to improve on her looks.