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Are Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Rumors Real Or Not

There is no doubt in Kate Middleton’s plastic surgery. Even a person with poor eyesight can make out the difference in her face. To look charming and beautiful Kate Middleton has finally taken plastic surgery treatments. The main change one could notice is her nose. It is newly done and appears a bit narrow and pointy.

In her interview during the first few years of success, she was not a big fan of plastic surgery. Nobody would have expected Kate Middleton to change her face in future, as it looked so natural and cute. But princess has now taken a go on plastic surgery and done some changes through nose job, Botox injections and liposuction.

Kate Middleton’s before and after photos are worth seeing. If anyone is interested to know to about how to get a good face through plastic surgery, then best thing to do is examine the photos of Kate Middleton. The subtle and fine changes that are done on the face of Kate Middleton give her the perfect face for her middle years. Her plastic surgery is far from the disaster. It appears eloquent and beautiful.

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kate middleton plastic surgery

Plastic surgery of Kate Middleton has been in the gossip for a long time.  The rumors about her increased after she married Prince William of Denmark. The images of her during the college days are different from today. Her nose was broader and bigger before. She was natural and looked pretty.

Though the recent photos tell a similar story but changes are apparent. She now has a rounded and narrow nose. After her marriage with the Prince, she was not away from the public eye for a while. But because of her plastic surgery treatments she is back in the celebrity talk.

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Recently, a spokesperson for Kate Middleton decided to respond to all of the plastic surgery allegations stating that Kate never had “baby botox” just as how Dr Medi recently described it on social media. The plastic surgeon posted some before and after photos of Kate Middleton with a caption that said “Kate loves using little baby botox”. Kensington Palace responded claiming the allegations are categorically not true.

kate middleton botox

She went on to disclose that the royal family do not welcome the idea of a plastic surgery but in the pictures Dr Medi posted online, he was able to prove his point as he indicated the fact that Kate’s brow is now well elevated compared to before and also the fact that her forehead now has refined lines. The doctor made this post on social media just to prove the fact that Botox treatments are really effective.

Baby Botox is still the same traditionally as Botox just that the difference lies in the amount being administered. In baby Botox, light doses are administered and what it produces is a natural result unlike high doses which often results in the frozen effect. According to the doctor he said baby Botox serves as a complexion freshener and it is very effective in preventing wrinkles.