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Steve Wozniak is of American nationality and has a calculated net worth of about $ 100 million. His huge net worth is as a result of him been a computer engineer and also, been among the founders alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne of the popular American company “Apple”. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne put together a team that is responsible for designing, developing and marketing the famously Apple II series.

It still remains a magnificent work in assembling the very first Apple computer prototypes in the bedroom and also garage of Steve Jobs by Steve Wozniak. In the 70’s Steve Wozniak was responsible for creating the Apple I and II computers and for all his hard work and successes over the years, he is regarded as the main creator of the hardware, OS and designing the circuit board of Apple.

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There is no doubt that Wozniak effort in the 70’s are also a big plus to the way in which computers has evolved over time. In the early 2000’s Wozniak made life very easy for an average man by providing a wireless GPS (Wheel of Zeus) to access the internet. Despite his successes and involvement with Apple, he later departed from apple and has since then been responsible for the provision material and non-material support for modern day technology within his locality.

He still remains the founder of “United Us in Song” an association for philanthropic projects and education as well.

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steve wozniak net worth


  • American

Date of Birth

  • 11th August 1950

Place of Birth

  • San Jose, CA


  • 70


  • Inventor


  • Not Disclosed


  • 175 cm

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  • Janet Hill

Net Worth

  • $100 million

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