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Trey Anastasio was given birth to in the year 1964 in the city of Texas (precisely in Fort Worth) and he was a student of Taft School, a place where he managed to put together the first two bands of his. In the year 1983 December, the band named Phish made their first show appearance on ROTC Dance after first forming their group in the University of Vermont. The band “phish” is very popular for their live performances and jam band.

Trey Anastasio is the leader of the band and guitarist as well and along with the band they have produced over 150 songs. Trey’s exceptional talent in instruments has led to the production of many albums by the band “Phish” and been featured by other top artiste. Sometime in the year 2014 June, the band released their 12th album. Trey put together another band known as “The Trey Anastasio Band” in the year 1998 with horn selection.

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Since the formation of the band, they have produced a wonderful performance in general and have ten studio albums to their credit. Trey has gone on to performed in several symphonies including his popular display in NY Philharmonic. His individual performance that has ultimately led to his stellar career is still undoubted given the fact that he studied composition in college and was once nominated best score for hands.

All credits to trey for composing the 152 Phish songs. The multi-talented artiste is successfully tied in marital knot to Eliza Statesir and has been blessed with two children (Daughters). Over the years, his involvement with music has led to his estimated net worth of $75 million.

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  • America

Date of Birth

  • 30th September 1964

Place of Birth

  • Fort Worth, TX


  • 55


  • Guitarist


  • Not Disclosed


  • 175 cm

trey anastasio career


  • Susan Eliza Statesir

Net Worth

  • $75 million

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