When you become part of the internet platform you have to be extremely careful about what information you present about yourself. Every time you create an account on a social network or any website, you should keep in mind that you can be a part of cybercrime at any time and your data can be misused. This often happens when passwords that protect your account from being misused are too weak and can be easily hacked.

There are several steps you can take to somehow prevent the misuse of your personal information and the things you own. And we will explain all this through a very good example, and the tips that we will share with you will be able to practice in the future every time you create an online account.

As an example today I will take an online casino website

We are aware of how many online casinos have expanded in the last few years. Every day thousands of new accounts are created by people who are just looking for a way to have fun and make money. But it is for this reason that they are the target group of cybercriminals. Many of these accounts are linked to people’s bank accounts and that is why they are a target group for such attacks.

So is there a way to protect yourself from these criminal saber groups? Of course yes. You can significantly increase the protection of your online profile by just using a strong combination code to log in.

When you create an account on any website you are first given fields where you enter your details such as name, surname, year of birth, city, and country you come from, it is an email address through which you will log in and finally you come to the part that is intended for the secret phrase that will allow you to access your account. Here are some tips on how to create the most secure login password.

1. Avoid using weak passwords


The goal is to create a phrase that will be very difficult to crack. A password such as a string of numbers 123456, or a password made up of your first and last name does not fall into the category of secure and strong passwords. This is the first mistake people make when creating an online account. To make it easier for them to remember the code, they use either simple things like a series of numbers or information that they use every day in their lives, such as name and surname, date of birth, the street where they live, and so on.

Cybercriminals can easily access this information and can easily crack your account password. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using weak passwords.

2. Think of a good combination


To make the secret word for your web profile more secure, it is recommended that the characters be more than 10. Also as characters, you can use a combination of letters and numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, and the like. But what to use if not date of birth or first and last name? If you use another term or phrase you can easily forget it.

Here we give you an example, instead of personal data, you can use things you like or hate. Such as a favorite board or computer game, a favorite cafe, the name of your childhood favorite, a movie about which you have only negative comments. These are things that remain in your memory. Or you can choose something that you have never shared with anyone, this will further increase the security of your account.

3. Change your combination regularly


To feel safe and shielded when it comes to your online account, you need to change the password you use from time to time. Practice changing every few months, for example, every four or six months is a great time to change. But do not wait too long, because the longer you use the same password, the better your chances of having your account hacked.

4. Do not write it on a piece of paper


Never write this information down on a piece of paper. I know you think this way is easier than remembering your username and password, but if you keep it on a piece of paper it can easily get into someone’s hands and your data can be misused. Instead, it would be a safer option to store it on your password-protected mobile phone. Simply type the code and username into the note and protect the phone with a fingerprint or password lock. If your phone is always at hand, you can be sure that no one will get this information.

5. Use software to generate strong key word


While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, this software does a great job. If you can not remember for yourself a sequence of fifteen characters that you can use to log in to the profile, you are free to use a generator that will come up with a code instead of you.

If you are logging in from your mobile or PC at home, you have the option for the device to remember the login password, and all you have to do is change it in the coming months.

I hope we have helped you at least a little bit to further protect your online profile and your data on the internet. If you follow these tips, you will not be in a position to be the target of cybercriminals who may misuse your data. And if you have an account at one of the online casinos, your cash will be safe at all times. And additional precautions you can apply are: under no circumstances share your password with anyone, it is only your personal and does not need to be shared with anyone. Avoid logging in to your online public Wi-Fi profiles, or if you are already using public Wi-Fi, use VPN.

Practice these tips and tricks to improve your online presence and make you feel safe and secure.