Every year, the video sector sees exciting trends come and go. Whether it’s video quality, video length, and other trends, the video industry has been growing exponentially and influencing the marketing industry. Sure, it is tempting to jump onto these trends too quickly; it is important to keep a keen eye on these trends and how you can take advantage of them to optimize your marketing strategy.

Today, rolling out top-quality videos for your marketing campaigns is easier than ever. With excellent tools like Spiel and other video editing tools, it’s now easier than ever to create and share them with your target audience. Here are the top video marketing trends you must pay attention to.

1. Personalized marketing videos


Personalization has become a buzzword in the marketing industry, and it’s something that marketers must take seriously and get done right. A recent study revealed that 72percent of customers engage with marketing messages that are highly personalized, and 60% of digital marketers consider the concept of personalization a key strategy when it comes to improving the overall quality of their leads.

Beyond these numbers, personalization in digital marketing allows you to create relationships with your audience by offering them outstanding experiences that are tailored to their needs. This can help your business stand out from the crowd, offering your target consumers a reason to buy from you and address their requirements as well as pain points.

Through personalization, marketers can provide highly targeted solutions to their customers’ needs and save them time when it comes to searching for specific products or solutions and making a purchase choice. Your brand will also become more popular, which is crucial because over 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they recognize or know they offer relevant solutions and recommendations. The impact of videos is undeniable. And as the technology to make them more assertive evolves, it is a mistake not to plan a video marketing strategy. The Storyteller Studios encourages businesses of all sizes to start implementing these due to high engagement and conversion rates.

Do you now know why you should ensure that your marketing videos are highly personalized?

2. Data-driven approach


In today’s marketing industry, the “one-size-fits-all” solutions no longer work. A data-driven marketing approach ensures that you’re targeting the right consumers with the right messaging. This is exactly what you need to increase engagement and boost conversion rates. The Data-first approach has proved to increase the effectiveness of video marketing.

The data-driven approach gives brands an in-depth understanding of solutions that work when it comes to video marketing efforts. Sufficient data makes it easier to decide the best video marketing platform to use, the right target audience, and the specific content to include the videos. This information is usually beneficial in determining the expected rate of return and what should be done to increase the expected video marketing return on investment.

Analyzing data offers insights that your marketing team can act upon to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The Data-first approach is not all about reducing the creativity of your marketing. Instead, it helps create more focused marketing solutions such as personalization and audience segmentation.

3. Long-form marketing videos


You probably have heard repeatedly that the consumers’ attention span is shrinking. This has made many marketers create short marketing messages, including videos, in a bid to inspire higher levels of engagement. But this trend has been changing in the past one or two years. And several studies have proved it.

There is no denying that short videos are easy to follow, particularly on social media platforms. However, these videos don’t allow brands to pass in-depth information and establish an emotional connection that could make their products or services memorable to the consumers.

In a study conducted in 2017, 80% of the videos used for marketing reasons were under 5 minutes in length. Unfortunately, these short videos of less than a third of total engagements in video content. On the other hand, marketing videos that were 15 minutes or longer created at least 50% of the target audience engagement.

4. ‘Shoppable’ videos


Another trend that has become popular in the marketing world is shoppable videos. These are simply video ads with links to specific products that a video viewer can purchase. Snapchat and Instagram stories have these shopping ads, but the tactic has become more sophisticated than just an ad.

It is reasonable to say that in the future, you’ll be able to view videos and find shoppable links that allow you to interact with products within the video. For example, if you find a piece of furniture that’s being sold within a video, you’ll be able to hover around it to find more details about its model, features, and where to find it. The benefit of shoppable videos is that it will make it easier for consumers to find the products they need by just watching videos.

5. Education and training videos will become more common


Education and training are already significant sectors of the internet that use video. Today, you can find countless video tutorials on YouTube, Skillshare, Think Masterclass, and more. Whether you are looking for product-specific videos or just general guides, you can be sure to find the right content on these platforms.

This trend is not showing signs of slowing down because businesses and brands are also creating tutorials about their products and services. These tutorials teach product users about the benefits of the products and how to use them.

What’s more interesting about this trend is that consumers are searching for this tutorial to find answers to most of the year ‘how-to’ questions. For instance, you can just head to YouTube and find a lot of tutorials about how to prepare specific meals or how to clean your windows.

Most giant brands are already creating and sharing educational videos. For instance, companies that provide digital solutions like software usually provide tutorial videos on how to install and use these products. Additionally, bloggers also find it easy to turn the usual blog posts on their websites into video tutorials. Clearly, this trend is going to be around for a very long time.

Implementing these video marketing trends can give your business a competitive edge.