Generally speaking, sports do come with hundreds of different superstitions. Most of those superstitions revolve around specific players having specific rituals before each match, however, you might notice that even their fans from all over the world started doing the same thing in hopes of improving the odds of their favorite teams and/or players.

All of this might have made you wonder – what are some weirdest superstitions only sports gamblers will know and understand? Luckily for you, this is exactly what we’ll be talking about in this article today. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 weirdest superstitions that only sports bettors understand:

1. Placing Bets On Matches That Do Not Happen on The Same Day


If there is something super common when it comes to sports betting superstitions it is that individuals believe that they should not place bets on games that do not happen during the same day as the rest of the matches on the ticket you are planning on making. They believe that it won’t only bring bad luck to them, but to the teams and players as well.

It is uncertain where it originated from, however, it has something to do with a person properly guessing all of the games and then failing to predict one that was played the day after. Naturally, there is no proof that this actually leads to bad luck, which means that you can place bets whenever you want.

Most matches occur on the weekends, with most of them being played on Saturdays and Sundays. The most annoying thing about creating one ticket for matches that happen during different days is that you’ll need to wait for them to be played – which means that it might be a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking since you won’t know if you guessed all of them properly.

2. If Someone Makes a Mistake on The Ticket, it Was Supposed to Happen


What does this mean for you? Well, if you, for example, clicked on a win instead of a draw for a specific team while you are creating a ticket, it is thought not to be a mistake, instead, a lot of people believe that it was meant to be and that they should not change it. Hence, a lot of people choose not to change their tickets, instead, they hope that it was a sign saying that they’ll win.

Of course, this does not mean that you should always do this. For instance, if you want to bet on the L.A. Lakers that are playing a game against N.Y. Knicks and you make a mistake of clicking that the Knicks will win, you might want to think through your decision one more time. Why? Well, the Lakers are the number one team in the NBA, and the Knicks have seen better days.

So, there is a lower possibility of them actually beating the Lakers. Hence, if you ever make a mistake, you should think about whether or not it seems logical and wise to not change your ticket. This most commonly happens when you are betting on online platforms and if you want to learn more about them, you can check this out.

3. “The Team Needs to Lose From Time to Time”


When talking about sports betting, one of the most frequent assumptions is that all things have an ending. Honestly speaking, this is not really a far-fetched idea, it is simply logical thinking. Let’s take the previous match – Lakers VS Knicks – as an example. All of us tend to assume that the Lakers will win, mostly because they won a few matches in a row.

But, this is exactly what makes people bet on them over and over again and there might be an instance where they actually lose. This means that you should not always blindly follow all of the myths and superstitions, instead, you should wisely think about all of your options and do what seems logical and smart.

4. Placing Bets on a Team That You Love Brings Bad Luck


Yet another assumption that has no origin is that placing bets on a team that you love can bring bad luck to you and them. It can be explained that an individual wants their team to win because they could earn some money and when they did not win, that individual might have started thinking that placing bets on their favorite team bring bad fortune for all parties involved.

Whatever you think about this, there is no reason why you should not place bets on your favorite teams, especially if you strongly believe they will win the game. Additionally, by doing so, you’ll have a pretty good reason to celebrate later on – hopefully with the money you received from predicting the outcome properly.

On the contrary, you can choose to wager that the opposite team will lose, which means that you can celebrate in either of the situations. However, you might not want to bet that your favorite team will lose, mostly because you might feel sad because they did not take home a win.

5. Betting on The Same Team Over And Over Again


This superstition is similar to the “they need to lose from time to time” assumption. Basically, this means that you’ll be deciding to place the same wager on the same teams over and over again, which is not a good idea. Sports bettors usually create a jinx-free environment and wagers, mostly because it helps them feel secured and like they’ll win.

In reality, you might be able to win cash for placing wagers on the same things all the time, however, there are big chances that you won’t actually win anything, mostly because you’ll be making the same bets.


As you were able to read, there are a few weird superstitions that a lot of sports gamblers around the globe believe in. However, when you think about it closely, they are only superstitions, which means that if you are planning on betting on some matches, you can actually choose to believe in them or not.

Hence, now that you are aware of some of the most common and weird superstitions people have when it comes to betting on sports, you should not waste any more of your time. Instead, you should find an online betting platform and see whether or not these superstitions are true.