Coolsculpting® is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment to eliminate fat and contour problem areas. If you are struggling with stubborn fat, you may be an ideal candidate for Coolsculpting® Santa Monica. Read on to discover why more people are increasingly opting for the treatment.


Fast and proven outcomes

Coolsculpting® is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment to eliminate fat from different areas of the body. It works by applying low temperatures to target fat cells in a process known as cryolipolysis.

Your aesthetic specialist will place a pad over the target site, where an applicator delivers low temperatures to fat cells. The cooling effect damages the cells, which the body eventually absorbs.

The process depends on the treatment’s site and area. But the CoolSculpting procedure is fast. You can expect it to last an hour or less.

Coolsculpting® can treat areas with excess fat such as:

  • Banana rolls on the upper thigh and lower buttocks
  • Bra fat on your upper torso
  • Arm and belly fat
  • Fat on the inner and outer thigh
  • Double chin around your neck and chin

Non-invasive with minimal side effects


Another advantage of Coolsculpting® is it does not require surgery or injections. Instead, the applicator freezes fat cells around the target site. The lymphatic system flushes out the dead fat cells from the body. 

Since it does not require incisions, there is a lower risk of complications than surgical fat-reduction procedures. Most patients experience virtually no side effects during their recovery.

In rare cases, patients experience side redness and numbness around the treatment site. Nevertheless, they usually disappear after the first week. Coolsculpting® does not require anesthesia or medication, which can increase your risk of complications.

The applicator delivers cold temperatures without affecting the surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting is a high-precision technique that improves outcomes and eliminates risks associated with surgery.

Boost your self-esteem


Coolsculpting® also restores your body’s contours to produce natural-looking results. The body flushes out fat cells on target areas gradually. The gradual process allows the body to adjust and adapt its original contours.

Coolsculpting® does not leave scars like traditional fat-reduction procedures like liposuction. Therefore, it has virtually no downtime. You can return to your routine without experiencing soreness or discomfort.

Coolsculpting® results are permanent

Works on stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. It is a common misconception that the treatment is for people who do not exercise. Many athletes and active people have fat on parts of their bodies that do not seem to go away.

Coolsculpting® is a proven treatment for reducing fat in problem areas. The results are permanent since the body cannot regenerate new fat cells. The body cannot create fat tissue past age twenty. The apparent weight gain is due to the expansion of existing fat cells.

The procedure can eliminate between 20 and 25% of the fat on the treatment site. You must maintain exercise and a balanced diet to prevent the expansion of fat tissue in the surrounding areas. A healthy lifestyle is essential for the best long-term results.

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