Ask anybody who’s been in Quarantine, and they’ll tell you that it isn’t a good place at all. While it helps you maintain social distance and physical isolation according to health guidelines, it can leave massive adverse effects on you.

You’ll be away from your family, plus your socializing opportunities will be significantly limited. You may also have to deal with financial stress. In the opposite situation, it gives you all the time to keep up with your favorite movie series and entertainment programs.

Here’s the booby trap. Suppose you weren’t subscribed to a favorite channel or program before Quarantine. In that case, you might have difficulty selecting the best programs to keep you engaged and entertained whenever you feel lonely and bored.

If that’s the case, then we got your back. After reading this guide, you’ll know how to get started streaming your favorite music, TV, and movies with ease during Quarantine. You’ll also learn how to stay warm and keep healthy with self-care and sleep products that you’ll need during this period.

How to Find the Best Entertainment Subscription Program that you need during Quarantine


Most entertainment subscription services provide the convenience that you need to have an uninterrupted streaming experience. There’s a vast collection of on-demand TV and movie series that will surely make your quarantine experience a special one. Read on to find out how to pick the right service that will fit in your budget and viewing needs.

What’s the Difference between Streaming Videos and Downloading Videos?

Downloading movies and streaming them are two different things. If you opt for the streaming option, you will be watching the specific film that you have an interest in while also downloading it. On the contrary, if you choose to download a movie, you’ll be pulling it from the internet to store it in your device for later viewing.

If you feel that streaming services would satisfy your viewing needs, you can either opt for a buying/renting option or a monthly subscription service.

Subscription Service


If your opt for a subscription service, the movie streaming company, for example, Netflix, will charge you a specified monthly fee so you can access the massive library of documentaries, films, and others that they have on offer. With this option, you’re free to stream the content you subscribe to in as much as you want and download the files for later viewing.

Renting or Buying


With the rent or buy option, you will need to create an account for buying or renting the content you want access to. The files will be added to your account library so you can start streaming them.

You should, however, note that if you rent content, you will only have the option of viewing them once within a duration that’s specified by your service provider. On the other hand, purchases will remain in your library for as long as you wish to use them.

Offline Viewing


This is akin to renting content. If you opt for offline viewing, your entertainment service provider will give you an option of downloading select material to watch later.

Downloads will only be available for viewing within durations specified by your vendor—typically 48 hours. After that, they’ll expire, but you’ll still have options of either streaming the content or downloading them again.

The primary benefit of this option is that you will not have to use data every time you view the content, and you won’t pay any extra fees. This may, however, be subject to the device you’re using to download the content.



This option is also popularly known as Free-to-Air. It works by the air networks streaming their broadcast content online, and you can view them for free. If they’re shows or movies, the air networks will, in most cases, broadcast them for a short period, for example, just one month though you will have no restrictions on the amount of time you wish to watch or stream the contents.

How Much Will I Pay for Streaming Services During Quarantine?


The costs of streaming services vary considerably depending on the content provider. In some of the most popular services, such as Stan or Netflix, you’ll be given a tiered pricing model option.

Therefore, the amount you’ll be required to pay would be determined by the picture quality that you want or the number of people who will also be using the services. There are also content providers, for example, Amazon Prime Video, that will charge you a single monthly fee to access the content.

For the rent or buy options, the amount you will pay will be determined by factors like; the age of content, its quality, the source, popularity, and other add-ons. Considering that you’re only going to stay in Quarantine for a short duration, the rent/buy options would be favorable. To get the best experience, though, be sure to check if they’ll be providing the content that you will want to keep up with during the quarantine period.

How to Be Comfortable and Healthy During Quarantine


It goes without mentioning that apart from being entertained, you will need to stay healthy and be comfortable during this period. One of the first things you’ll, therefore, need to consider is the attires and self-care essentials.

You can find these from physical stores quickly, but you may not be sure if you’ll be getting the right one. Here’s where the Snoozzze Box comes into play.

A Snooze Box would come in handy during Quarantine since it provides you with comfy pajamas that you will need to keep warm and comfortable during this period. Besides, you also get a set of self-care and sleep essentials that you will need during this period when you’ll mostly be alone. Finally, you will also not need to go for these items from a store. As is the case with entertainment subscription services, you will choose a monthly or annual subscription for these gifts and goodies.

The Bottom Line

In as much as being in an isolation center or room will keep you away from loved ones and family for some time, you will still need to take care of yourself mentally and physically. The entertainment services will help keep you grounded while the sleep and self-care essentials will ensure that you get good sleep and maintain healthy skin. Stay safe.