Sometimes celebrities are not excited about speaking about their recent plastic surgery to the media. So they tend to bring out the term corrective surgery instead of saying that they had plastic surgery. It is common in the celebrity world to deviate the topic into some necessary procedure. Bristol Palin plastic surgery has the same tone to it.

Bristol Palin says that her plastic surgery had nothing to do with improving her appearance. She in her interview said, “I was not looking for a brand new face, but I had to go for it as a surgical procedure”. Bristol Palin in her interview to U.S weekly said that her corrective surgery was done in the month of December. Her first appearance after the plastic surgery was during the White House Correspondent dinner. The main changes that one could see in Bristol were the teeth.

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bristol palin plastic surgery

They were perfectly aligned and she never backed from giving a glowey smile. In fact, she was captured smiling most of the time. The corrective surgery has been developed largely over the years. Western Science now is able to provide celebrities the face they want. But this doesn’t mean that they will get a natural face from the surgery.

The media and fans are speculating to about the changes on the angular Jaw line and cheekbones along with the teeth surgery rumors. Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Cole says, “Bristol appears to have lost weight and this might be the difference in her look”. Surprisingly he says that the change in appearance has nothing to do with plastic surgery or the corrective surgery. But New Jersey certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Blake says that “Bristol has taken plastic surgery treatments and it is visible on her neck area, lips, teeth, and jaw line”.

So according to Dr. Stephen Blake, Bristol has taken more than just teeth and jaw line reshaping treatments. She has also changed her lips a bit using liposuction. Her face is looking new and fresh. It could be because of using facial fillers.

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However, one fact that we still have to really and carefully consider is the fact that Bristol Palin plastic surgery allegations might be wrong and that her new looks might be due to genetics. When you take a look at her mother’s skin, you would be amazed. Her mother who is 55 has the skin of a 15 year old girl and this is why we have to consider the fact that it could lie in the gene and not in plastic surgery.

After her corrective jaw surgery back in 2011, Bristol Palin is not admitting or denying if she ever has been under the knife again and this has left all of her fans and the entertainment industry thinking of her transformation could be the artistic work of any plastic surgeon, aging or maybe weight loss but whichever of the three ideas is the answer, Bristol looks great regardless.

Bristol Palin would be replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom whom was fired because of her activities in the Adult Industry.