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The Lauren Graham plastic surgery rumors being spread all over the internet have stirred a lot of remarks and comments and Lauren Graham who is an American author and actress isn’t just being alleged to have gone under the knife for once in her career but she is being alleged to have been under the knife three different times in her entire career.

Lauren Graham on her own path has denied all of the plastic surgery rumors being linked with her and has refused to talk about them and her reasons for not wanting to talk about them is simply because she cares less about the opinions of people.

With a net worth of about fifteen million dollars, Lauren Graham has undergone quite some amazing and noticeable transformation in her career and over the past years, some parts of her face have seemed to have undergone some sort of modification and the way they look right now is quite different from the way they looked in the past.

If you compare some of her old and new pictures, you would be able to tell of some noticeable changes and the procedures rumored are Botox, nose job and facelift.

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery

lauren graham plastic surgery

One of the most assuring Lauren Graham plastic surgery procedures that the internet has a strong feeling she must have done is a nose job and taking a look at her old and new pictures, one would be able to spot the difference in her nose framework and form. In the past, Lauren Graham’s nose looked to be puffed up but now it looks to be quite sharp and very slim. The way her nose has improved has given us clear hints that she has indeed had Rhinoplasty surgery because there is no explanation for the change.

In contrast to how Lauren Graham’s face used to look in the past, her face now looks to be well puffy and the internet has linked her new puffy face to be as a result of a face lifting surgery. Well, why wouldn’t they feel it is a result of a facelift surgery because since Lauren is already in her fifties and also being a celebrity, she would definitely want to retain her youthful looks. This is also one common procedure among famous female celebrities and there are quite some more changes to Lauren’s face due to the possible facelift surgery.

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Making use of Botox injections on her neck and face are also plastic surgery rumors that is being linked with Lauren Graham. If you don’t know what Botox means we are glad to tell you that Botox is a plastic surgery procedure which is done in helping an individual maintain a youthful skin especially the face and it is commonly done by most people who have started experiencing some signs of aging. Lauren Graham who is already in her fifties had Botox because she wanted the skin of a 25-year-old lady.

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Lauren Graham has never admitted to any of the plastic surgery rumors and she keeps insisting that her body is free of plastic as well as not caring about what people say about her but we still have to praise her desire and ability to maintain young and healthy skin.