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Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian popularly known by the name LeAnn Rimes was born in Nebrasa, 1982. She is a pop and American country singer. Her debut song came at the early age of 13 and she became the youngest country music star in the 1990s after Tanya Tucker in 1971. LeAnn Rimes has won many awards out of which two Grammys, one Billboard Music Award, one CMA, four ACMs, and one American Music Award are popular applauds.

She is less known as an author. She has authored four books two novels and a series of children’s books. In addition, she has made appearances in TV shows and movies such as “Coyote Ugly”, “Holiday in Your Heart”, “Northern Lights” and “Nashville Star”.

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So being such an involved and popular celebrity along with the recognition, she also got many rumors. Like many other celebrities are bashed with the rumor of plastic surgery, LeAnn Rimes is also included in the columns describing her plastic surgery treatments. So are these rumors all true? Let’s find out.

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

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Based on the rumors LeAnn Rimes have taken plastic surgery treatments to keep her marriage in good shape. She is afraid that Eddie Cibrian would cheat on her or leave her by getting a bad divorce.

Many rumors also say that Eddie Cibrian has been visiting other celebrity mansions at nights and is having nightlife. LeAnn Rimes must be worried because of this. She decided to make changes in her body to impress her husband.

But of course, these are all rumors but plastic surgery speculations on LeAnn Rimes seem to be actually real. The fans are little upset about the new face LeAnn because her face after the surgery resembles to Brandi Glanville. This is not very surprising at all.

According to some sources, LeAnn was insecure and jealous about Brandi. So to beat her insecurity she got the body features of Brandi Granville in her. We will never know if Eddie is happy with the new look of Brandi Glanville.

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A specific operation that is quite noticeable on LeAnn’s face is that her forehead is well toned, smooth and now gentle which suggests the work of botox and this isn’t something to argue about because at her age, she is naturally meant to have wrinkles and some sagging flesh on her face.

The firm and raised forehead only points towards the direction of not just botox injection but also laser resurfacing and both procedures are noninvasive.

In addition to the specific procedure discussed above, a fan of LeAnn Rhimes also suggested that the singer must have had eyelid surgery which is something that is also called BLEPHAROPLASTY.

This is because there is a noticeable amount of flesh around the eye region while other fans suggested RHINOPLASTY but there isn’t a sufficient amount of information to support that as her nose did not change too much.

Despite all of this evidence that have been pointed out, the star has denied all of these rumors. There is also a belief that she must have also got a boob job just to make her breasts proportionate with her entire body and such a procedure requires maximum expertise.