Tournaments are the new way to win big in online casino games. The gambling sites created this mode to fuel their player’s zeal for competition and quench their thirst for adventure while keeping them entertained and glued to their screens.

The tournaments, or as they are called sometimes races, can be profitable to the participants. British bettor Chris Moorman is a great example of a gambler who has cashed in big on tournaments. He was a regular 32-year-old man who worked as a store clerk. Like most of us, he played online casino games after days of hard work to relax and have some fun. Well, he had himself some fun and ended up with $10 million playing online poker tournaments.

His story serves as an inspiration to many gamblers to take chances with online tournaments. After all, if Moorman from Great Britain can win $10 million, then why can’t you. So, if you have been thinking about taking part in tournaments don’t let this opportunity leave you behind you can read ( here, What if you are just hearing about online casino tournaments for the first time? Well, today is your lucky day because we are giving out tips that will get you winning in no time.

Come in late


This is a must if you want to become an experienced player in the world of tournaments. Most of the top players already know that it is better to take action a bit later. You are probably thinking to yourself right now “Why come in late? Well, hundreds of players join a slot tournament right at the beginning, thus the servers become overloaded which in turn slows the process of the tournament. Is there anything worse than a slow game? I bet you understand the frustrations that come with it? This is exactly why experienced players prefer to wait 10-20 minutes after the tournament starts and avoid the initial mess. Besides, the late players will probably have a higher probability to cash in on as many rounds as time permits.

Bet Maximum


It may sound controversial, but tournaments are made for the high bettors and huge risk-takers. Let us go through what happens if you bet high, or low. Most players are not privy to this information so they lose out on winning tournaments.

If you bet low, you are unlikely to win because tournament credits won’t roll over to your account. Because you aren’t spending enough money, nor are you betting a lot. Well, here the phrase “you need to spend money to make money ” rings true.

Alternatively, as soon as you start betting high while competing with other players, your bankroll will increase exponentially. It is getting clear why the tournaments are mostly popular among high-rollers. They know how to bet to win.

Quick Spin


Tournaments are about one thing – the fastest results. We associate tournaments with speed and risk, but the tournaments have other important features you should be paying attention to. They have time limits on the competition, here’s where the quickness factor kicks in. The rules are simple and clear. All you have to do is spin, but this is no regular spin you have to remember, it is called quick spin for a reason. You have to spin the reels as quickly as you can. Besides, the more times you spin the more chances you have of winning.

Consider a couple of points before you spin. First, you should check the settings for the spinning mode. Switch on the quick spin function. Secondly, practice executing double-quick ability. The more you take part in tournaments, the more knowledge you acquire about how to spin when to stop and win big.

Be aware


The slot tournaments tend to be repetitive. The monotonous and repetitive nature of even some as entertaining as slots could leave you feeling tired or even bored. However, during tournaments, it is not advisable to reduce productivity and miss out on opportunities. There are several things you can do to curb this potential disturbance while playing. You need the energy to keep the reels spinning on the slot. So, the best energy source for your body is sugar. Obviously, after drinking a cup of sugary tea or coffee, you will feel energized. This little drink break can also serve as a moment of strategic thinking and planning. Use the hints we have provided above and try the best games offered by online casinos.

Tips for competing in Poker tournaments


Not only slot lovers can feel the rush of excitement that comes with competing with other players. There are endless opportunities for table games players too. So, if you prefer to play Poker andource, make sure to read these tips below.

Have a strong resolve


Poker is a game where luck meets preparation, you need to be strategic, focused and uncompromising. Be calm and cool minded. You should zone out day to day problems and focus only on your cards and other players. If you are sitting at the virtual table feeling bad for yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Focus on the game


The tournament calls for your undivided attention. You can’t be distracted by wanting to show a good or frustrated by a bad one. Besides, the poker tournament includes other players at the table, they won’t wait for you before making a move. The whole game could be wasted if you get disturbed by your dog, for example. So, make sure that you took it for a walk before the competition, you closed the other windows in the browser, turned off your notification pop up on your phone and so on. Be prepared.