This series is truly magical. The show is a favorite amongst today’s young generation. ‘Just add Magic’ is a family show which has won many hearts.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The first season is set in Saffron Falls. Hannah, Kelly, and Darbie are good friends. They come across a mysterious cookbook in Kelly’s house. The book was old and smelled weird.

It had bizarre recipes. The names of the recipes were amusing like ‘Hazelnut Healing Tart’, ‘Cedronian Vanilla’, or ‘Taurian Thyme’. The girls decided to cook some of the recipes.

The problem was the ingredients weren’t available in any bakery shop or grocery store. The girls decide to go to Mama P’s store. Mama P is an old lady who knows about everything.

She shares her knowledge with the girls about the mysterious ingredients. Soon the girls discover the magical powers and they feel like using them in their everyday lives.

The book unfolds a lot of mystery. Kelly finds out her weird neighbor also has magical powers. The book initially belonged to Mama P, Ms.Silvers, and Grandma Becky. The new bookkeepers are Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie. They had to keep this secret safe.

Season two sees Hannah, Darbie, and Kelly become magicians. They use their magic to do good deeds. They uplifted the curse which Mama P had put on the town. They brought back many people from the 60s after they broke the curse. The three had brought in trouble.

Chuck Hankins was one of the guys they had brought back to life. He brought about chaos as he was a thief. He used his magic to cast spells on innocent people. He also tried to turn Helen into some other person.

Season 3 starts with a bang. The book was stolen, so were the secret spices. The girls were in trouble. Piper joins the group and helps the girls find the missing book. Kelly is bestowed with a spell and turns out to be the perpetrator. The girls go back in time to save many lives.

The background of the three seasons would give us a hint for season four’s storyline. All three seasons are eye-catching.

The Cast


The three main leads might be seen in season 4 as well. Donnelly plays the character of Darbie O’Brien, Olivia Sanabia plays the character of Kelly Quinn, Aubrey Miller plays the character of Hannah Parker.

The other major character as well. Amy Hill plays the character of “Mama P” aka Ida Perez, Udah Bellamy plays the character of Jake Williams, Catia Ojeda plays the character of Terri Quinn, Andrew Burlinson plays the character of Scott Quinn, and Ellen Karsten plays the character of Ms. Gina Silvers.

When Can We Expect The Release


The first three seasons were released between 2015 to 2019. The production of season four has yet not started. The makers are hinting at releasing season four in 2024.

Things You May Want To Know About Just Add Magic


The premiere of the first season of the series was the most successful original kids premiere on Amazon Prime Video in the USA.

The show is based on a novel called ‘Just Add Magic’ by Cindy Callaghan.

Summing It Up

The mixture of mystery, drama, and magic has been successful. The first three seasons were highly appreciated by the audience. The viewers of the show are waiting for season four.