Intriguing, powerful, dark, deep, mysterious, and strong are the emotions that describe Monarca Season 2.

This Mexican family drama is no less than a different world. To escape reality and enter the real world behind curtains of elegance, calmness, and a facade of goodness, behold the drama Monarca brings.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The storyline of Monarca Season 1 introduced us to the powerful Carrenza clan, who are billionaires, lording over the Tequila, Hotel, and Constructions business and de facto entire Mexico. They are complicated individuals spanning multi-generations with different motives and plans.

Ana Maria, daughter of the clan leader, has moved away from the grasps of her family to London. But, she has been called back by her father to become his successor and bring ethics and morals into the company. How Ana survives and rises to the task and what she gets as a result of this, in the world of deceit, corruption, betrayal, and lies is what makes up the eight episodes.

Season 2 shows us how the three siblings of the Carranza family, and Sofia, their cousin, fight among themselves to claim the business and ownership of the company. It largely revolves around Sofia and her quest to find her father Agustin’s murderer.

The eight episodes are filled with murder, deceit, revenge, guilt, family bonding, portrayed through powerful dialogues, emotional moments, sarcasm, humor, twisted plots, and minds.

The Cast


Monarca has an equally powerful cast, which has given justice to its script. We can see award-winning actress Irene Azuela as Ana Maria Carranza Davila, Osvaldo Benavides in the role of Andres Carranza Davila, her brother, Juan Manuel Bernal as Joaquin Carranza,
And Rosa Maria Bianchi as the mother of all three Cecilia Davila, in both the seasons.

Furthermore, we have Antonia de la Vega as Bernado, Luis Rabago as Agustin Carranza, the uncle, Fernanda Castillo as Sofia, his daughter, James Hyde as Martin Ross, and Sophie Gomez as Amelia among other talented actors. All these artists have reprised their roles in Season 2 as well.

When Was The Release


Moarca Season 1 premiered on 13th September 2019 and soon after the Season 2 began streaming on 1st January, this year on Netflix in Spanish. It has eight episodes with intriguing titles and leaves the viewers at a cliffhanger, wanting more.

Things You May Want To Know About Monarca Season 2


The series depicts several social, political, and economical problems faced in the spirit business in several states of Mexico, such as the protest depicted by the truck drivers against the drug cartel, which is an adaptation of a real-life problem faced by them.

It was also in the news and reviews that this riveting family drama is similar to the HBO drama Succession.

Final Words

If you are ready to enter the world of business tycoons, their sophistication, a wonderful balance between corruption and ethics, decisions driven by desires, calmness, violence, and a classic storyline, then go for it.

To understand Mexico, as a Nation, fighting for its spirit, Monarca is the best choice.