Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery And Breast Enlargement

Kellie Pickler is no new to plastic surgery rumors. She is the American Idol star has been reported with many plastic surgery changes such as breast implants, Botox injections, Cheek implants and eyelid surgery. Kellie Pickler finished at 5th place in American Idol and became a singer later. She is too young to be involved in plastic surgery. However, she is considering it to get a beautiful face.

She is very well known for being a country singer. Kellie has released two albums to date. Until now, Kellie has released two albums and sold over 5 million records worldwide.  She is a country singer and is a popular musician in U.S. One of her hits is Best Day of Your Life that stands at nine on the top 50-country songs chart.

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Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery

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The before and after photos of Kellie Pickler are very clear to look at and know if Kellie Pickler had plastic surgery on her face and body. A notable thing to see in her older photos is her breasts that are smaller in size. From being flat-chested, she has turned into a girl with large breasts that is interesting. At some point in her career, she might have noticed that she had to use breast enlargement surgeries to make them bigger.

According to famous plastic surgeon, Kellie had lip filler and Botox injections on her face. The Botox is used around her lips and eyebrows to make them plump. The doctor says,” Her lower lip is plumped with the use of filler and looks exaggerated and unnatural”. Kellie denies all the work done on her face. She says, “I am not bothered about the rumors from people, my face looks good because of my workout and am happy with my face in the mirror”.

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Regarding her before and after photos, Kellie Pickler is also believed to have had breast augmentation and a nose job. You can find more details on Fans are going crazy about her cheeks which now looks higher and chubbier likewise her nose which now looks shorter compared to before. The work done on her cheek is known to be cheek implants and after observing Kellie’s before and after photos, reknowned surgeon Dr. Sherell J. Aston also agrees with the speculations.

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The botox treatment Kellie Pickler had is certainly responsible for why she looks so much younger than her age. However, another surgeon also agreed that Kellie must have had botox but in excess as as her skin looks quite frozen and stiff while her forehead doesn’t move. The surgeon also revealed that she must have used botox not just on her forehead but also on her eyebrow.

In conclusion, the doctor also added that just by looking and comparing Kellie Pickler’s past and present photos, it is quite easy to tell that she used facial fillers and botox even though she denies ever making use of botox and he also added that from the pictures he could tell that she made use of Juvederm and Restylane.

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