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There is a good reason for Sandra Bullock plastic surgery move. Her face was nothing looking like a celebrity. No doubt, she had good acting skills but her appearance in the movies was not of an actress type. The plastic surgery has changed the appearance of Sandra Bullock significantly. She looks much youthful and refined.  Her odd-looking nose and cheeks are tweaked to give a milf appearance.

The use of Botox is clearly visible in the pictures. The new nose is crafted nicely to fit her face. The nostril ridges and the tip is slightly modified to give her a perfect nose for her face. According to Dr. Michael Rogan, Sandra Bullock has taken Rhinoplasty treatments. Her nose is reshaped well. The wide nose of her with a big tip is changed into a narrow one. The new nose suits her very well.

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

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The 55-year-old, Sandra Bullock had made a decision to take plastic surgery treatments and it worked well for her. She is very fortunate to get a beautiful face that resembles to her past and at the same time is better than ever. Sandra Bullock is looking like a complete businesswoman now. Sandra Bullock had played in a variety of roles even as a space astronaut in the movie Gravity.

She has a superb ability to act in different roles and her increasing age has not stopped her from doing it. Being played in a large number of movies and awarded many movie awards, she is constantly put in tons of rumors and gossips. The media tries to cover everything about her, relationships, beauty, fashion style, and others. Paparazzi are always looking to get some news from her.

Many rumors about Sandra Bullock are just false speculations. But few of them involving before and after photos can’t be denied completely. These rumors have hardcore evidence that is tough to deny, unless the photos are some kind of gimmick. Plastic surgery rumors seem to be all-true. The pictures show only changes in her face. There are no signs of breast implants on Sandra Bullock’s body.

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One part of Sandra Bullock’s body that fans also spotted a noticeable change is Sandra’s lips. Sandra Bullock plastic surgery also involved Sandra getting big and fuller lips which were not so when she started her acting career and just by hearing that, we can easily say she was able to achieve that due to the use of Botox. Just by comparing her past and recent pictures, you would see some changes where her lips turned out to be juicier and fuller.

Another change that fans see in Sandra Bullock plastic surgery is a change to her cheeks. Now, her cheeks has cute dimples and also look rosy each time she smiles and this was also noticeable as it wasn’t so when she was still in her youth. Some fans actually claim that the changes in her cheeks might also be as a result of the actress gaining extra weight but looking at her figure you would tell there is no sign of Sandra putting on extra weight.