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Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery – Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow is the last person that one would include in the list of plastic celebrities. Millions around the world sing his songs and praise him for his spellbound talent. But when he was getting older, he was not happy with his appearance. Ultimately, it made him think twice and get a good plastic surgeon to graft some fresh flesh over his face.

Barry Manilow originally named as Barry Alan Pincus was born on June 1943. He is a world-renowned songwriter, singer, and producer. Many songs are written and produced by him over the years for popular music scores, films, and mainstream music. He is also well known to have written commercial jingles such as Band-aids, State Farm Insurance, Dr. Pepper, McDonalds and more.

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barry manilow plastic surgery

The first album of Barry Manilow was released in 1973. After its worldwide good reception, he has recorded numerous live albums, studio albums, soundtracks, compilations, and singles. Many of his songs have hit the billboard charts numerous times and gone multi platinum. He won a Grammy and was inducted as one of the best songwriters in the world. Barry Manilow couldn’t be more speculated after his plastic surgery. There are so many blogs and columns published in the magazines and tabloids about him.

Most of these try to compare the young and attractive version of him alongside the current face that is refined using various plastic surgery treatments. In 2013, the first changes appeared in his eyelids. He by then had eyelid surgery to remove wrinkles off his face. Also, a few months later signs of facelifts were visible. In the early 2000s, Barry Manilow was engaged in using Botox injections on his face.

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After excessive usage, Botox treatment started giving no response over his life less face. So he opted to give his face under the knife and make changes permanently to some extent. Despite all of the news around the internet suggesting that Barry Manilow must have had plastic surgery, the man came out to publicly deny any news or rumor saying this is excatly how he looks in his old age.

While speaking to Jonathan Ross as a guest on the Jonathan Ross show, Barry Manilow was asked about the plastic surgery rumors and he replied back using a question and asked Jonathan Ross if he doesn’t look his age. There are quite different perceptions of Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery and most people have come to the conclusion that he must have decided to go under the knife just to make sure he keeps his fame intact.

Desiring to keep ones fame intact is something that can be achieved through plastic surgery and by judging by what we have all seen on his photos then we can also agree that Barry Manilow might be tempted again to go under the knife just to see if he can be able to make certain corrections. The award winning singer also disclosed that he was frustrated when he learnt of rumors saying he has undergone plastic surgery. That sounds funny Barry.