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Kim Tae Hee is now added into the list of plastic surgery celebrities. She has a controversial look on which many fans debate on the internet and magazines. Kim is now aged 34 and must be conscious about her looks. She is looking different and obviously, like most of the plastic surgery dolls she too had nose job and eyelid surgery to enhance her appearance.

Before and After photos of Kim Tae Hee can show differences in the face and reveal the secrets. Kim Tae Hee is looked as a divine goddess by Korean fans. This puts pressure on her to maintain her looks all the time. The career of Kim Tae Hae started as model and then turned into movie actress in popular movies such as “Stairway to Heaven” and “My Princess”.

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kim tae hee plastic surgery

Beautiful face along with acting skills goes well together and makes Kim Tae Hee the complete star in the Korean celebrity industry. When celebrities are on top of their fame, speculations and rumors keep coming like Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery. If she Kim had some sort of plastic surgery done on the face, then fans would like to know what those works are.

For this, we have to look at the before and after photos of Kim Tae Hee. If something is not visible on the photos, it could be the eyelid surgery. To get wider eyes Kim Tae might have taken this surgery like many other Asian actresses. Overall, she is enjoying the god giving beauty and doesn’t want to mess with it.

But we will keep a watch on her in the coming years to see what she does with her face.

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Kim Tae Hee controversial looks is the reason behind all of the Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery rumors. There are a lot of debates going on around the internet if she had plastic surgery or not as there are no signs of aging since she went over thirty. These no signs of aging shows that Kim Tae Hee must have prepared her body for this and even when comparing through old and new pictures, there are really no changes to pick out or talk about.

If Kim Tae hee plastic surgery rumors are true is still a question nobody has a solid answer to and just like all other American celebrities that have been under the knife, Kim is still reluctant to address the issue and is not interested in saying anything regarding these rumors. Her silence over this issue for years is what we consider to be a very good strategy as it would help in making these allegations die down.

There isn’t much to talk to talk about as most of the kim tae hee plastic surgery allegations cannot be explained or broken down because the way it is, it appears that kim is timeless. This is because she still has the same smoothness and shape she has had when she started her career.