Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Ray is another amazing songwriter who fans rumor to be another celeb that has been under the knife and what they have to say is the songwriter and singer has been under the knife in three different regions of her body.

Furthermore Lana Del Ray has a total of eight tattoos on different parts of her body with each of them meaning something different. Lana Del Ray however in response to these rumors claims she is still very natural and the rumors are false but we believe there are still key reasons why one would believe the singer has actually and truly been under the knife.

The singer who turned 39 in 2019 has come a very long way and the same can be said about her looks too. Fans believe her lips and her nose have witnessed visible changes compared to when she first started her singing career and from some of her before and after photos, this claim seems to be very true.


lana del ray plastic surgery

In her before photo, her nose seemed to be very big but the other picture shows it now has a slimmer layout. Even though this was denied by the singer, evidence from the pictures however shows that she has undergone what is called Rhinoplasty.

The star today has plump and fuller lips but this is as a result of using lip fillers which has made the lip size to increase. In the past, her lips looked quite normal but taking a look at today’s pictures, it is easy to tell that the lips are fully pumped and this could be an indication that she used injections for sure.

lana del ray botox

Another claim is that the star also had breast implants as in the past, her breasts looked average and normal but in recent pictures they look more noticeable and large.

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All of these people believe that the singer did on her body just to make sure she still has a stunning and attractive look. There were once thoughts that Lana Del Ray was a struggling artist but that perception completely changed when there were new reports indicating that the singer is struggling with life or living in a trailer park like people had actually thought of her in the past.

In fact, Lana Del Ray came from a very wealthy family and this also led people to believe that Lana’s rise to fame might not have been organic but most likely orchestrated. At this point, several fans had started losing belief in what’s real or fake about the singer and in the same light, there were discussions about her looks as anyone from such a rich family would definitely be able to pay for a cosmetic surgery.

Lana Del Ray has never for once tried addressing the Lana Del Ray plastic surgery rumors swirling all over the internet and judging by comparisons of her old and new photos, one can come to a conclusion that some minimal changes must have been carried out on her face. However, these beauty enhancements nowadays are quite normal in the entertainment industry and it seems okay for her because she didn’t overdo any of the procedures.