Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery And Cancer Struggles

Valerie Harper is popularly known for her role in the TV show broadcasted in 80s. She is a senior actress who died at the age of 80. She looked great till her death with a face that looked 10 years older than her real age and it is quite strange as well. Many people are curious to know about the strange appearance of Valerie Harper.

They even speculate many theories by looking at the photos and most say it’s the plastic surgery that has made Valerie look this good. Her main reasons for going under the knife, her thoughts on ageing as well as reaching middle age were all stated in her book which was published in 2002 and in her book she stated that she had lived a fulfilling life and viewed life with positive thinking.

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valerie harper plastic surgery

Based on the before and after photos, we conclude that Valerie had many surgeries on her face such as Botox and facelift treatments. She actually gets Botox treatments very regularly to keep her face fresh and wrinkle free.

Without this, it is impossible to have a face as in the photos at the age of 74. The Botox treatments also make her face look shiny and smooth. She is fresh and it can be seen on the magazines.

Another main surgery that Valerie had is the facelift. She has a different face now that is not usually possible to have at her age. Dr. Schuman Dun says that Valerie now has the best possible face that a 74-year-old woman can have in her lifetime.

Many other plastic surgeons also consider that face work done on Valerie is of good quality and it will stay that way for another 4 to 5 years. During next few years, she might get more treatments to look good in the photos and television.

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valerie harper facelift

In spite of all the plastic surgery rumors concerning Valerie Harper, she showed more strong mentality and courage when she found out she had cancer known as “leptomeninge carcinomatosis”.

This is a rare cancer of the brain disease whereby cancer cells have attacked the brain and it was believed that Valerie Harper had this cancer because it originated from the the cancer of the lungs she suffered earlier.

She was told she had a life expectancy of months but she showed toughness when she was still doing well two years after she was diagnosed. She even discussed openly with the media on her plastic surgeries and also about her cancer disease as well as other of her life experiences.

What helped her survive for long were acupuncture, imagery and chemotherapy and she stated that imagery was her strong driving force since she was diagnosed of the disease.

Do not think too much or dwell on the past, always live in the moment became her motto as it helped her appreciate life each day and asides from her cancer bravery, plastic surgery was also something that she confident enough to do or talk about.